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Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Programs


Sextronix presents to you the highest paying adult affiliate programs with amazing conversion rates and high payouts.

Our high quality, daily updating sites converts to sign ups fast. When we say per sign up we mean each and every sign up including FREE and $1 Trials!

$40 Pay Per Signup for $1/Free Trials Program
$50 Pay Per Signup for Active or No Trials Program

BONUS! $75 Pay Per Signup on Every Friday for Both Programs!

You will get 70% of the Subscription Fee + Lifetime Recurring!

The customer pays for his membership to any of our sites. All our sites have a HUGE members areas and updates daily with fresh and exclusive content, so our members stay for months. That means more money to you! Considering that the members stay for 3-9 months you can make over $100 from a sign up. You can do the MATH yourself! But let us show you a realistic example;

Daily Signups 1st Month 3rd Month 6th Month 1st Year
1 $1.307 $1.976 $2.494 $2.494
5 $2.678 $6.533 $9.878 $12.468
10 $5.355 $13.066 $19.756 $24.935
20 $10.710 $26.132 $39.512 $49.870
50 $26.775 $65.331 $98.780 $124.675

These examples are based on our actual customer retention of recurring analysis.

Console Free Tours:

Sextronix is also offering console free tours for the webmasters who like to keep their exit traffic or prefer console free tours. We are paying $35/45 USD per signup sales and 60% for revshare sales.

No Cross Sells

Sextronix is also offering 1 x cross sell or no cross sell programs.

Don't Waste Your Mobile Traffic and Promote Our 60+ Mobile Sites!

We have built mobile versions of our signrature sites. Discover the extra income you can generate with our top converting mobile sites. Our sites will work like clockwork on all the popular mobile devices in the market including; IPhone/Ipad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Pocket PCs, Symbian OS and any mobile device that supports MP4 movies including all MP4 Player devices.

This is the Easiest Way of Making Money!

Tell your webmaster friends about our great program and earn 5% to 10% of what ever they generate! If they make $10.000 a month, you will get an easy $1.000 extra just for telling them about us! %5 referral commission is paid to all webmasters by default. If you are operating an adult resource site, if you are a traffic broker, if you use our banner on your board post signatures, than you we will upgrade you to 10%.